How To Evaluate Your Company’s Solar Power Needs

solar panels in a photovoltaic power station

Today’s highly competitive business environment requires that companies find unique ways to reduce costs while implementing social and environmental programs. Installing alternative energy, such as wiring solar panels, can meet both of these goals. However, there are several factors you should consider before installation.

Learn About Panel Quality

Each manufacturer’s solar panels have different efficiency and quality ratings. In addition, the power inverter has a significant impact on efficiency. Therefore, to get the most power from your system, search for high-quality, efficient equipment that will have the greatest impact on your electricity costs. You may also choose to store energy through a battery system.

Evaluate Your Power Needs

Each facility has different power needs, and the number and types of machinery and equipment, size of the building and operating hours all have an impact. A solar power professional can help you determine how much power you use, as well as what type and how many panels you need. Before your electrician prepares for wiring solar panels onto your facility, you also need to know the size and type of inverter you need.

Assess Your Building’s Position

Your building’s positioning and roof space should also be evaluated to determine if it is appropriate for solar panels. Its weight load rate will also determine how many solar panels it can hold. You should also evaluate the amount of shade your roof receives because this reduces the power your panels can produce. Although some panels state that they will produce energy in shade, the more shade you have the less effective and efficient they will be, no matter what their manufacturers say. The last thing you want to do is pay for panels that don’t produce the power you need when you need it.