Exploring the Top Factors of Transformer Installation

Execution of electrical measuring works on the power transformer

When it comes to electrical systems in a building, transformers play an important role. We’re not talking about robots that shape-shift into other machines. We’re talking about an electrical device that passes electrical energy from one circuit to another, or to multiple circuits. It transfers this power through electromagnetic distribution, which makes proper transformer installation a key objective for any newly installed electrical system. Here are some of the things that a licensed electrician or provider considers for installation:


An electric technician will carefully consider where to install a transformer. The actual physical location matters as some transformers are designed to be mounted a certain way to aid in the distribution of electrical energy. Also, the location of the transformer relates to how it functions in your system, so a professional will confirm that the proposed device is specified to work according to the layout and intended usage.

Water is a conductor of electricity, so the humidity levels in the environment are also a factor in transformer installation. Your technician will consider the moisture levels and make sure that the device has sufficient ventilation and protection from water inside your building as well as external sources, such as precipitation and irrigation systems.

Wiring connections

As with any component in an electrical system for a building, wiring matters. It’s important to hire a licensed electrician or technician that knows how to properly connect the transformer to the circuits it power. Improper connections may result in transformer malfunction, as well as pose a risk of fire and resultant damage. Your professional verifies the proper shielding of wires for safe operation.

Your licensed provider will also inspect the transformer installation to verify that it is correct and complete. The consequences of errors and omissions in the process can be quite grave. With a reputable and experienced electrician or company in your corner, you can be confident of having an efficient, working electrical system, transformers included.