Low Voltage Transformers Can Create the Perfect Outdoor Lighting Ambiance

Electric transformer box. Electrical distribution equipment for a small home or industrial building. Close-up

Outdoor lighting for homes and businesses can add lots of curb appeal to the space and encourage guests and visitors to want to come inside. You can improve your lighting’s look and efficiency by installing a transformer to control your lighting setup. A pro can assist you with adding a low voltage transformer. Here are some of the benefits of this type of lighting equipment.

Consume Less Energy

Low voltage transformers offer energy savings benefits. They use less energy than the standard hardwired fixture and can help businesses and homeowners reduce waste and save money on utility costs.

Improve Your Lighting Setup’s Safety

Contractors prefer using low voltage transformers instead of the standard hardwired outdoor lighting voltage setup. Installing a transformer eliminates the need for hardwired electrical lines to be buried outdoors near each lighting fixture. Low voltage transformers don’t emit the heat that other electrical fixtures do, meaning they are safe to use indoors as well.

Design a Lighting Schedule

With a professionally installed low voltage transformer, homeowners and business operators can easily set up a lighting schedule. They can choose to use solar-powered panels to help determine the exact timing of the lights turning on or off throughout the four seasons of the year.

Accent Your Home’s Exterior Details

This type of transformer helps property owners shine the lights on their building’s exterior details. Beautiful accent lighting around a property looks great and also helps with building security and safety in the middle of the night.

Showcase Your Outdoor Landscape 

The last benefit to installing a transformer is how it can put the spotlight on great landscaping around the property. If you have prized flower beds and perfectly manicured shrubs that you want to show off, your lighting design can keep everything lit up and showcased throughout the evening hours.  

Make your business or residential property shine and sparkle with the addition of a low voltage transformer in your lighting design plan. Have your contractor install this electrical fixture to get more out of your outdoor space.