How To Choose the Best Commercial Electricians for Your Business

Electrician installing energy saving meter

Commercial electrical systems are dramatically different than residential ones. They also tend to get much more of a workout, so repairs tend to be more difficult. Plus, it’s illegal in Connecticut (as well as surrounding states) to work on the electrical system in your business unless you’re a licensed commercial electrician.

However, there are many to choose from, with each claiming to be the best. This can be a critical decision; a sloppy electrical installation or repair often is the cause of major fires and even deaths. Fortunately, there are a few things to look for when picking the best electrician to work on your businesses’ wiring.

Look for Decades of Experience

New contractors have a lot going against them. Their inexperience with running a business often gets them over their heads, with many abandoning projects and any deposit you put down can disappear.

You need an established company with a team of experienced commercial electricians who understand the idiosyncrasies of business wiring as well as a range of specializations and equipment. Look for a company with at least 30 years in business and a long list of satisfied customers. The best electrical contractors are proud of their work and may even list their major projects on their website.

Ask About Permits

Well-organized electrical contractors will have their permits available immediately upon request. Always ask to see them, and if there’s any hesitation, trust your gut and find someone else.

24-Hour Service

If something goes wrong, you need fast action. Look for electricians who offer emergency service to get your business back to full function as quickly as possible.

Full Service Electrical Work

Many businesses have much more than basic wiring. Security cameras, data services, LANs, telecommunications and even fiber optics are routinely needed in the commercial world. When all this is done by one contractor, there will be no conflicts and everything will be organized in the same way, making repairs far less likely – and less costly.

If you follow this advice, choosing high-quality commercial electricians isn’t very difficult. A few minutes perusing their website and a quick call can help you make a sound choice.